Lucky Karp Bath Soak

There's no better way to relax at the end of the day than in the tub. Warm baths improve circulation, calm the nervous system, and will help you get to sleep. Throw in some of our bath soak and increase the #selfcare! Epsom salt relieves sore muscles, loosens joints and relaxes body and baking soda helps with detoxifications and relieves itchy, dry skin.

Need to chill the f--- out? Try Lavender! It improves mood, relieves stress and promotes restful sleep. 

Feelin' yourself? Try Rose! It promotes relaxation, makes skin glow and is an aphrodisiac.

Our bath soaks come in 8 oz and 16 oz jars.

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Lucky Karp Pillow Spray

Sometimes you need an extra boost when your head hits the pillow at night. Studies have shown that essential oils can create a physiological response in our bodies to naturally increase the melatonin hormone. We created two pillow sprays to assist with your bedtime needs. 

Need to chill the f--- out? Keep it simple and try Calm! Lavender relieves stress, improves mood and promotes restful sleep. 

Wanna sleep deep? Do it up and try Slumber! Lavender relieves stress, improves mood and promotes restful sleep. Vetiver encourages relaxation, soothes anxiety and increases libido. Chamomile calms nerves, relieves allergies and fights insomnia. 

Our pillow sprays come in 2 oz bottles.

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