What We Do

Lucky Karp is a boutique social media and marketing agency in Jersey City, New Jersey directly across the Hudson River from Downtown Manhattan that focuses on social media management, marketing strategy, influencer marketing, paid digital advertising, copywriting, and event marketing.


Social Media Management

Launching a new product? Looking to vamp up your current social media? Following the ever changing social media best practices, we can help you with your platform plan of attack, content plan, content ideation and analytics reporting.


Paid Digital Advertising

Today in digital media, you have to "pay to play." Paid ads guarantee impressions and encourage actions. Let us create a paid strategy for you on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat, and Google AdWords.


Marketing Strategy

Gone are the days when a potential customers only impression of a brand was through traditional marketing and word-of-mouth. From online to off, a cohesive marketing strategy will bring your brand that awareness it needs and deserves. 


Clever words can catch a potential customers eye or keep them entertained. While promoting and selling is important to all businesses, creative copy will do it in a smart way that won't feel overly salesy and self-promoting.


Influencer Marketing

A recent study showed that Millennial and Generation Z trust the word of their favorite Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest influencer over the word of the brand. Utilizing influencers to promote your business will increase its trustworthiness. 

Event Marketing

Make sure your event reaches its full potential with a carefully planned marketing event strategy. From pre-promotion to custom filters to live posting to post-event wrap-up, we will make sure your event has a large impact online.